Think_pink_150_2     Last week I was working on some backgrounds using the Reinker Splash technique from the February '08 Technique Junkie newsletter.  I had some new stamps to try out and I wanted to make a predominately PINK background.  Having completed the background, I went to work making my card using the Think Pink set from My Favorite Things (I love that set!).  It wasn't until the card was completed and I was posting it that it hit me....was the background a little 'bloody' looking?  EEEK!  CRUD!  How did that happen?!
    I posted the card to the TJ Yahoo group with a little note about 'something creepy' on the card.  I didn't tell them what I was thinking and asked them to reply to me if they noticed something strange about the card.  Little did I know that this would be an experiment in psychology!  Kind of like one of those ink blotch tests.  HA!  The replies gave me a whole bunch of giggles so I thought I'd share the card, the silly responses, and the RE-DO cards that I ended up making.

Here are some of the guesses that I received about what might be 'creepy' about this card:

  • I THINK it might be all about the support ribbon
  • I'm not really thinking it's creepy, but is the stamp in support of gay women?
  • You mean like a bad period?
  • Were you thinking maybe Christmas??
  • Is it the bloody gory looking background? If that wasn't it, I'm sorry I added to your list. LOL
  • Leigh, do you see a "face" in the bg, above the image in the red shirt?
  • I assume you are talking about the nipple on the left side of the card….. LOL            
  • I like it, but the BG to me looks like a case of "wet" tonsilitis, or a mucoid lung.  Leave it to a nurse....kind of a "giner" shape down at the bottom too.  Am I getting too anatomical here?  Hah...leave it to an RN to go all "physical" on ya!!! 
  • You mean that it resembles a bandage full of blood?  That is an awful lot of red...
  • Boobs and bellybuttons?
  • Are you thinking the BG looks like spilt blood and the sentiment suggests the girls are comrades in crime?
  • In the background I see a face of the girl in the red dress.
  • yikes are they both having that time of the month, is that what they are in together???? 
  • I havent seen that stamp before and I wondered where were the ladies heads...............then after I read what you wrote, I began to think ........oh headless bodies and the background looks like blood
  • I see a ghost in the left side and  looks like a face of some sort above the right stamped image
  • I looked again and combine the cut-off heads with the red background and it looks like a horror movie!  But it is a nicely designed card!
  • first thing to come to mind is that the red BG is a lot like splattered blood.. so did the husbands kill their wives or did the wives kill their husbands and are hiding their identity?
  • Does it have to do with the Scallops and the hole punched in each scallop looking like boobs?
Ha...too funny!

Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking about the card and just had to go back and re-make it.  It ended up becoming two cards that I think are much better.  Stamping the large flower from Impress over the background evens it out and mutes it a bit and the MFT image is now more visible in it's new home too.

Cherish_150 Think_pink_2_150



I love this one: "Are you thinking the BG looks like spilt blood and the sentiment suggests the girls are comrades in crime?"



Hahaha! Those answers are too funny! Thanks for some giggles!

diane (cookiestamper)

thanks for the chuckle! The re-dos look great!

tracy f

That is too, too funny. =D


I totally laughed out loud reading those guesses! It was a bit macabre...but you switch it up and now it's a fab bg! Oh, still laughing...


What a giggle!!! All at the expense of a card that actually is not too, too
The re-dos are fabulous. You are sooooo good...

Ann C.

Oh my goodness, that is some funny stuff! I guess if we looked hard enough we could make up stuff about nearly everything! LOL

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